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Tvan Suspension Limit Strap Retrofit Kit (Suits Tvan Mk4 and Mk5)


Kit now includes free FOX shock bushes!


Complete kit to retrofit Mk4 and Mk5 Tvan. This kit is Australian made and zinc coated, includes American manufactured off-road racing quality limit straps and a FREE set of genuine FOX replacement bushes for your existing OE shocks.


It's no secret amongst owners that Track Trailer offer the best in industry suspension design, resulting in class leading ride quality and off-road capability. Most owners understand that unfortunately they suffer from accelerated shock bush wear. This is a result of the shock limiting suspension down travel (this is how your coil springs are retained). Poor maintenance, worn bushes and constant use in arduous conditions can led to further suspension damage.


Atlas Engineering now offer a tested and proven limit strap kit to control suspension travel (extension). This removes all the load (extension) from your shock adsorbers and bushes ensuring extended service life.


NOTE - This kit is required when fitting the Atlas Engineering Radflo Remote Reservoir Shock Upgrade Kit


Approx. fit time - 1 hour


Tools Required - Basic hand tools, drill, 10mm drill bit.

Tvan_Suspension Limit Strap Kit

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