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Replacement Boot Set - Radflo


Torn or worn? Time for new boots! Easy install, can be done without jacking your van in less than 15 minutes.

Kit includes, 2 new boots and 2 zip ties.

Procedure - Secure your van on flat and level ground, remove the retaining nut and washer on the bottom shock mount, slide the shaft off the end of the lower pin. Remove the old zip tie and rubber boot. Install the new boot and secure to the body with a new zip tie. Refit lower shock mount using the above procedure in reverse.

NOTE - Some offsets and tyre combinations may require the removal of the tyre.


Trav's Tech Tip - Cut the retaining channel (bottom) from the boots before installation. Whilst not the most attractive installation this will allow dirt, sand, rocks and moisture to easily fall out of the boot ensuring debris doesn't build and wear away at your shiny shock shafts beneath.

Tvan_Radflo Replacement Boot Set

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