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Whilst the Tvan quick awning is a great space for shade and light rain protection it has been known to collect a little water. Our solution was to adapt a Fiamma curved rafter bow to fit between two of the quick awning arms, this extra support gives the awning cover the support required to help shed water effectively.


DIY Kit includes, laser cut adaptor plate, 2 shock loops and rivets as pictured.


This bow is available complete (pick up only - Tamborine) or as a cost-effective DIY kit. The 'unmodified' Fiamma awning rafter is available from most RV stores and can be bought online. The modified rafter fits perfectly in your Tvan’s pole storage boot and is adjustable so it can be used in multiple configurations.


Kit includes instructions; you will require an electric drill, 3.2mm and 4mm drill bit and a rivet gun.



Tvan_Quick Awning Bow - DIY Kit

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