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This kit replaces the original Projector charger (Non Lithium Compatable Model) with Victrons Blue Smart IP67 Charger for full compatabilty with Lithium Batteries.


Kit Includes

1. Victron Energy Blue Smart IP67 Charger 12/25 - Bluetooth Model

2. Powder Coated Adaptor Plate

3. Stainless Fasteners


The Victron charger includes a 5 year warranty and is pre-terminated for Tvan.


Fitting time approx. 20 minutes (Please note; instructions are not included, you will need to be familiar with a screw driver (No2 Philips). Electrical certification is NOT required for fitment)

Tvan Mk5_25A Lithium Charger Upgrade Package

$418.00 Regular Price
$338.00Sale Price
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