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Bush Kit - Includes Severe Duty Link Plates



8 x Ormiston Bushes

8 x Radius Arm Bushes

4 x Shock Bushes

4 x Shock Pin Hardware (Washers and Nyloc Nuts)

4 x Severe Duty Radius Arm Pins and Nyloc Nuts

4 x Severe Duty Asymmetric Link Plates (Weld On)

4 x M22 Nyloc Nuts and Washers

6 x Cup Washers


NOTE - This kit is aftermarket (assembled by AtlasRV) and not Track OE

NOTE - Asymmetric link washers are consumable and should be replaced when worn (cut off the original and install by welding on replacements)

Track Tvan Bush Kit (Extended Duty Link Plates and Pins)

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