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Genuine Fox Rubber Bushes - Suit Koni and Radflo.


Set includes 4 x bushes (enough for one Tvan)


Shock bushes are the most frequently overlooked service item on Tvan, these bushes should be inspected/replaced every 20,000km or prior to your next big iconic getaway.


Already have a Limit Strap Kit? You should be ok for the 80,000 to 100,000km but regular inspections are still recommended.


Replacement - 0.5 hrs

Tools Required - Jack and pin stand, basic hand tools, rubber grease.

Procedure - Jack and secure axle, remove wheel, remove retaining nut and washer securing the shock adsorber (top and bottom), remove worn shock bushes, clean shock pins and shock eye of old rubber, lubricate and fit new bushes, refit shock adsorber, retaining nut and washer, refit wheel and tension wheel nuts to OE specification.


NOTE - Ensure there is vehicle weight on the axle when removing and installing shocks (fit safety stand under axle, not chassis), this will help you remove and fit your shock adsorber and will ensure your coil springs don't fall out!

Track Tvan FOX Shock Bushes (Set)

$39.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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