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Great upgrade option for existing Koni 82 (OE shocks) owners. This shock simply replaces the factory shock without the need for limit straps (Radflo).


The 88 Type or Koni HD is physically larger in the body and has a much higher oil volume. This reduces foaming and extends the performance of the shock absorber. The 88 Type is simple to overhaul and incorporates an internal bump stop. A great affordable way to improve handling, extend the life of your vans body and chassis and reduce the chance of shock failure in the bush.


Note – You will need to confirm this shock will fit your application before purchasing. If you can fit a finger (Human Metric Finger) between your existing shock body and the tyre on both sides then you have acceptable clearance and these will fit. If you have less than 1HF clearance, please contact Atlas RV for specific dimensions.

Note – This shock is factory fitment for some Topaz and T4 – You may need to buy 4, contact Atlas RV directly for pricing.

Note – Whilst this product has been valved specifically to match the OE Koni 82 Type this component is NOT approved by Track for fitment to Tvan and may compromise your warranty. If this is a concern to you, please contact Atlas RV for pricing on the OE Koni 82 Type or Monroe (Both Approved OE Fitment)


Koni 88 Shock Absorber (Each)

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